Preserving analogue images in digital form

Enduring digital prints

Just a few of many thousands of transparencies that I have collected over recent years.


I’m an analogue person really but getting by and making a living in a digital world. 

When I show my sons a 35mm transparency they marvel at the detail that can be captured on a tiny piece of film. I like to do my best by the photographer who took so much trouble over the exacting exposure settings of transparencies, and produce the best scan and print that I can.

It began here

A £2 car boot purchase that yielded a host of images of life c1970 and the world travels of 4 affluent friends from the UK to Europe and as far as Africa.

Orphaned Photographs

What became of these two I wonder? This was an enlargement of part of a print I found, but the detail captured on these early plates was breathtaking.

Dont let these memories go to landfill!


My plustek scanner and Vuescan software are a great combination and produce 80MB+ scans from 35mm